Training a French Bulldog

Is it time to start training your French Bulldog?  Well then keep on reading as the following tips and advice on training a French Bulldog may offer you some useful advice!Training a French Bulldog

  • Ideally you should start training your French Bulldog from when they’re at the puppy stage.  As remember, your French Bulldog should remember what you teach them for the remainder of their lives.
  • Patience is a must when training a French Bulldog.  At times you may get frustrated but if you can, try to remain patient and calm.  Just think of what you are trying to achieve – an end result of a well-trained and obedient French Bulldog.
  • All dogs seek pack order.  Therefore, your French Bulldog will view you and your family as their new pack.  Within this pack they will look for a clear alpha leader.  If there is no set alpha leader then they may try and take over this role themselves which can lead to disobedient behavior on their part.  It may even make your French Bulldog very difficult to train.  Therefore, to prevent this from occuring, you need to become the alpha leader instead.  One of the easiest ways to do this is by doing everything before your French Bulldog such as eating and going through doorways.  Once you are established in this role, then your French Bulldog will be more likely to listen and respect you during the training process.
  • Consistency is key when training a French Bulldog.  This means sticking to your chosen rules and commands.  For example if you decide on a rule where your French Bulldog is not allowed in your children’s bedroom then stand by this.  Do not let your children take your French Bulldog into their room as a special treat.  This inconsistency will only confuse your French Bulldog and they won’t learn right from wrong.  Secondly, stick with your chosen commands.  For example if you choose the command “toilet” then stick with this and do not change it to “potty” later on.  So remember – be consistent!
  • Along with consistency, repetition is also very important when training a French Bulldog.  For example you will need to repeat the basic commands ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stay’ over and over again before your French Bulldog will fully grasp what they mean.  So make sure you REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!
  • When your French Bulldog does something correctly reward them with a little treat or affection.  This will encourage your French Bulldog to repeat their good behavior again in the future.
  • Sometimes your French Bulldog may misbehave.  If this occurs it is important that you stay calm and collected.  To let them know they have done something wrong say “no” in a firm, calm voice.  But, whatever you do, do not get angry and yell at your French Bulldog.  You must also never hit them.  If you do either of these things then it will only frighten your French Bulldog and will prolong the training process.

There you have it, some great tips on training a French Bulldog to get you started.  So don’t delay – start training your French Bulldog today!

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