French Bulldog Potty Training

Is it time to start French Bulldog potty (toilet) training at your house?  Well then you may find the following information on this topic rather useful!French Bulldog Potty Training

  • Start Early
    The earlier you start French Bulldog potty training, the better.  Ideally it should begin the moment your new French Bulldog puppy enters your home.
  • Set Potty Area
    One of the first things you need to do is to choose an area where your French Bulldog is to go potty.  For example you could pick a corner of your yard.
  • Choose a Command
    It’s a good idea to choose a command to say each time you want your French Bulldog to go potty.  One such command could be “toilet”.  Each time your French Bulldog goes to the toilet, say this command.  Overtime your French Bulldog will come to understand what this command truly means and they should go potty when they hear it.
  • Set a Schedule
    When first starting out French Bulldog potty training, it’s a good idea to set up a schedule for when you should take your French Bulldog out to potty.  Such times could be once your French Bulldog has eaten or when they first wake up after a nap.  If you have a set schedule like this, then you will be less likely to have messy accidents occur on your clean floors.
  • Encourage with Rewards
    Each time your French Bulldog goes to the toilet in their set potty area correctly, reward them with affection or even a little treat.  This will encourage your French Bulldog to continue their good potty behavior in the future.
  • Be Alert
    You need to be on the ball and alert when French Bulldog potty training.  This means keeping an eye out for any signs that your French Bulldog may be about to go potty on your nice clean floors.  Such signs include your French Bulldog sniffing the ground or moving around in a circular motion.  If you notice any of these signs then quickly take your French Bulldog to their set potty area.
  • Mistakes
    It’s vital that you realize that your French Bulldog will have some accidents when potty training.  This is a normal part of the potty training process as remember, your French Bulldog is only learning!  If this does occur, it’s important that you stay calm and don’t get angry.  If you do get angry and lash out then this will only scare and confuse your French Bulldog and in turn will prolong the potty training process.  Instead, if there is an accident, stay calm, do not make a fuss and quietly clean up the mess making sure you remove any lingering smells.

French Bulldog potty training may seem like a daunting task – however it doesn’t have to be.  For as long as you are patient and use the above tips, then you should end up with a French Bulldog who is an excellent at going potty in the correct place.  So what are you waiting for?  Take the above information on French Bulldog potty training and start the process today!

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