French Bulldog Breed

Are you thinking about adopting a French Bulldog but wish to learn more about the breed first?  Well then keep on reading as the following information on the French Bulldog breed may help you in your decision.

Below is some useful information all about the French Bulldog breed:

French Bulldog Breed
Physical Appearance 

Below are some aspects of the French Bulldog’s physical appearance:

  • The French Bulldog is quite a small dog.  In fact they will weigh approximately twenty three to thirty three pounds (ten to fifteen kilograms) and will reach a height of approximately twelve inches (thirty centimeters).
  • The French Bulldog has rather a flat face with ears that stick up on the very top of their heads.
  • The French Bulldog breed can come in a few colors including white, fawn and brindle.


The French Bulldog breed has a great personality.  Below are just some of their great personality traits

  • They are very playful dogs.
  • They are also an intelligent breed of dog.
  • They are very brave and are not afraid to protect their territory, which actually makes them very good watch dogs.
  • The French Bulldog does get along well with children.

Due to these great traits, the French Bulldog breed makes an excellent companion for both families and singles alike.


If they are well looked after, the French Bulldog breed will have a lifespan of approximately ten to twelve years.

Health Issues

Like all breeds of dog, the French Bulldog breed is prone to certain health problems including:

  • Joint issues, especially in their knees.
  • Soft palate problems.
  • Back problems.
  • Overheating issues – due to this overheating issue it’s best that you do not walk your French Bulldog in hot weather.  It’s also important to make sure your French Bulldog always has access to a full water bowl.

If you do feel that your French Bulldog does have any sort of health issue or injury then make sure you book them an appointment with your local vet.  Your local vet will give your French Bulldog a full look-over to check that everything is in order.  They will also be able to offer a treatment plan if necessary.

Living Conditions
Due to their size, the French Bulldog breed is fine to live in an apartment or home with a small yard.


The French Bulldog needs to be exercised on a regular basis.  For instance, you could take your French Bulldog for a daily walk.  However, as previously mentioned, the French Bulldog is prone to overheating so it’s best not to exercise them in hot weather.


Luckily, the French Bulldog breed does not require a lot of grooming.  In fact, just a brush of their coat and a bath every now and then would suffice.  A great thing to note is that the French Bulldog breed doesn’t shed a lot of hair – which is an added bonus!

As you can see from the above, the French Bulldog breed is a wonderful dog.  So if you are considering adding a French Bulldog to your family, then you are making a great decision!

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