Facts about French Bulldogs

Are you thinking about adopting a French Bulldog but wish to learn more about the breed first?  Well then keep on reading, as the below facts about French Bulldogs may help you in your decision.

Check out these great facts about French Bulldogs:Facts about French Bulldogs

  • The French Bulldog is quite a small dog.  In fact they usually only reach approximately twelve inches (thirty centimeters) in height.  They will also weigh approximately twenty three to thirty three pounds (ten to fifteen kilograms).
  • The French Bulldogs face is quite flattened and they have ears which stand upright on their heads.
  • One of the facts about French Bulldogs that people like to learn is how long their lifespan is.  The answer is that a healthy French Bulldog will usually have a lifespan of approximately ten to twelve years.
  • One of the great facts about French Bulldogs is that this breed has a great personality.  This is due to their intelligent, brave and fun nature.  Due to these great traits, the French Bulldog makes a wonderful companion for singles or families alike.
  • Although the French Bulldog is a small dog, they still make excellent watch dogs.  This is in part due to their protective nature.
  • If your allow your French Bulldog to get pregnant then they will usually have a litter of around one to nine puppies.
  • Due to their size, the French Bulldog is a great pet to own if you live in an apartment or home with a small backyard.
  • As with all dogs, the French Bulldog does need exercise – a daily walk would suffice.
  • One of the not so great facts about French Bulldogs is that this breed is prone to overheating.  Due to this, it’s vital that your French Bulldog always has shade and water within easy reach at all times.  It’s also best not to exercise your French Bulldog in hot weather.
  • Like all breeds of dogs, the French Bulldog is prone to certain health problems such as back issues, joint problems, over heating issues (as previously mentioned) and soft palates.  Remember, these are just some of the health problems associated with French Bulldogs.  If you think your French Bulldog does have any sort of health issue or injury then make sure you book an appointment with your vet.  Your vet will be able to give your French Bulldog a check-up to make sure everything is in order.
  • One of the great things about the French Bulldog breed is that they do not require much grooming.  In fact, you just need to brush their coat and give them a bath every now and then.  As an added bonus, the French Bulldog does not shed much hair.

As you can see from the above facts about French Bulldogs, they are a great breed of dog.  So if you are looking for a loyal and fun dog to adopt, then you can’t look past the French Bulldog!  In fact, if you adopt a French Bulldog, you will end up with a friend for life!

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